YCBK24: Mistakes Students and Parents Make on College Visits

In this week's episode...

In the News (2:30): We discuss an article that writes about an alarming trend of college-bound students that don’t make it to the beginning of their intended fall semester in college. (Length 6:40)

Chapter 24 of 171 Answers (9:10): Mark and I talk about the common mistakes that students and parents make on college visits. (Length 9:35) For more discussion from Mark and Anika about college visits, listen to our "Admission in the news" segment on episode 5

This week’s question (18:45) is from a student who wants to know if she can submit only one of her SAT subject test scores to the colleges on her list. We also discuss submitting some test scores and not others for the ACT and the SAT.(Length 7:25)

This week’s interview is with college expert, Brandi Smith (26:10) This is the third and final part of Mark's interview with Brandi about how to work most effectively with your high school counselor. A must-listen! (Length 18:07)


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