YCBK26: What Happens If I Don’t Get Admitted to Any Colleges?

In this week's episode...

In the News (2:00): We discuss the article, 13 ridiculous things people have actually put on their college applications – no joke. This humorous and insightful article is by Katie Warren (Length: 6:00)

Chapter 26 of 171 Answers (8:00): We’re in chapter 26 of 171 Answers and we talk about what happens if May 1st arrives and your child still hasn’t been accepted into a college. We share practical advice that should inspire hope. (Length 7:50)

This week’s question segment (15:50) is our bonus segment that we have every five episodes. We discuss what SAT Subject tests are and how are they used. Anika also shares her thoughts on the interviews that she has been listening to on YCBK and she has a number of observations about the Brandi Smith interview that was just completed (Length 15:30)

This week’s INTERVIEW is PART 2 with David Gelinas, (31:20) the Director of Financial Aid at Davidson College. David continues to explain many reasons why if a student gets in five different colleges and they are eligible for financial aid, each of the five colleges will likely ask the student to pay a different amount of money. David explains why this happens. David has almost 40 years of experience and he shares a wealth of wisdom with us. (Length-17:40)


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