YCBK28: How Much Weight Should I Put on College Rankings?

In this week's episode...

In the News (3:20): In this week’s news we talk about the confusing information that colleges provide in their financial aid award letters. (Length 14:48)

Chapter 28 of 171 Answers (18:08): - We discuss the various college rankings and how to know when you can trust them. (Length 8:42)

This week’s question (26:50) continues as Part II of Mark’s answer to a mom who wants to know how her child can get more scholarships. (Length 12:50)

This week’s interview is with Dr. Jed Applerouth. He tells us how the ACT is different from the SAT (39:40) Jed Appelrouth is the founder of Appelrouth, a national test prep and tutoring company. Mark and Jed discuss how the ACT is different from the SAT and how you can know which is right for your child. This is the first part of a two part interview. (Length 24:03)


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