YCBK36: How High School Courses are Evaluated by Selective Colleges

h3>In this week's episode...

In the News (2:28): Mark and Anika discuss an article by Doug Lederman of Inside Higher Ed that describes the financial dangers that many small private colleges are facing (Length 12:49).

Chapter 36 of 171 Answers (15:17): Mark and Anika discuss five ways that colleges evaluate high school grades (Length 11:03)

This week’s question (26:20) is from a mom from Pennsylvania who wants to know if her daughter would be able to pay “in-state tuition” if she moves in with relatives that live in the same state as of the colleges she is interested in applying to (Length 11:12).

Mark interviews Jake Neuberg, Co-founder of Revolution Prep (37:32) and Jake describes the advantages of taking online test prep with a top-notch instructor (Length 24:02)


Mark’s recommended resource of the week (50:22) is the website NACUBO.org

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