YCBK37: What is the PSAT and Why is it Important

In this week's episode...

In the News (2:20): Mark and Anika discuss an article (https://www.theatlantic.com/education/archive/2018/05/college-admissions-gpa-sat-act/561167/) by Jeffrey Selingo of the Atlantic that talks about the two most important college admissions criteria and how they now mean less (Length 8:30).

In Chapter 37 of 171 Answers (10:50): Mark and Anika discuss the importance of the PSAT test. They talk about why the PSAT is important and how to use the PSAT to help you with the college admissions process (Length 10:10).

This week’s question (21:00) is from a mom from Rhode Island who wants to know if her child should apply in the Early Action round of admissions at their top choice college, very selective school, before she receives a prestigious award she is expecting, or should she wait until her daughter receives an official leadership award and apply in the regular admissions round (Length 9:15).

Mark wraps up his interview with Jake Neuberg, Co-founder of Revolution Prep (30:15) in Part II of their discussion on the advantages of taking online test prep. Jake has some outstanding advice for all of the YCBK listeners (Length 21:15).


Mark’s recommended resource of the week (49:50) is the website collegeresults.org

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