YCBK38: What is the National Merit Scholarship Program?

In this week's episode...

In the News (2:00): Paul Fain of Inside Higher Ed writes about, "Digging Deeper On Student Loan Default Rates" and the alarming racial disparities that exist among borrowers. (Length 12:45).

Chapter 38 of 171 Answers (14:45): Mark and Anika are discussing and explaining what the National Merit Scholarship Program actually is. They also discuss the various levels of recognition. (Length 13:45)

This week’s question segment is our bonus segment (28:30) and we are diving into what Mark believes are the 13 most common mistakes that students make in the college admissions process (Length 14:35).

This week’s interview is with Chika Nwosu (43:05) a high school senior and they are talking about her whole college search and admissions process. You have to go back to episode 17 to find the last time we had a student interviewed on our podcast. This is the first of three parts, but Chika will return in 7 months to let us know where she is going to college and why she selected the school she selected. Finally, she will return at the end of her freshman year of college to tell us about her freshman year experience. (Length 23:35)


Mark’s recommended resource of the week is the website, youvisit.com. This is Mark's favorite website for virtual and video tours