YCBK40: What You Need to Know About the SAT

In this week's episode...

In the News (2:20): Why Universities are Phasing out Luxury Dorms by Jeffrey Selingo of The Atlantic. (Length 10:15)

Chapter 40 of 171 Answers (12:35): Mark is breaking down the history and the distinguishing features of the SAT standardized test. Anika asks Mark great questions about the SAT Test. (Length 6:35)

This week’s question (19:10) asks if contributing more to a 401K or pre-tax retirement plan would help a family qualify for more financial aid. (Length 6:50)

This week’s interview is Part 2 of 3 with Brennan Barnard, (26:00) the Director of College Counseling at the Derryfield School. Brennan and Mark worked together for months to come up with a list of common parent mistakes that they mutually agree on. In this episode, Brennan and Mark discuss five more mistakes. The mistakes this week have to do with, "not reaffirming the self-worth and value of your child" (Length 19:20)


Mark’s recommended resource of the week (39:40) is the admission blog: applerouth.com/experts. The blog features the writing of Dr. Jed Applerouth and it provides detailed and accurate insights into standardized testing and other admission issues.