YCBK 177: Don’t trust college lists that high schools produce

In this week’s episode you will hear

In the News (7:08) : In this week’s “In the news segment”, an article from Ron Lieber of The New York Times. The article is entitled, “High Schools Are Producing Their College Lists. Don’t be misled.” The article talks about how in some high schools, there is so much buzz and emphasis on the list of where kids go to college. Mark and Dave talks about why this is an unreliable way to evaluate a high school. Mark has a confession of how he used these lists for pure marketing reasons when he was doing boarding school admissions. Mark and Dave return to their discussion of those who are “Just folks” vs “those who have built in lobbyists”. (Length 21 minutes)


This week’s question (28:33) This week’s question is from Yvette in California. Yvette’s child had outstanding academic success in high school but she was left really disappointed and even astonished with the bad news she received when admissions decisions were released.

Yvette has a series of questions about “what happened” and what should she do next. Mark and Lisa will answer Yvette’s questions in episode 177 and in 178 in the question segment. Part 1 of 2 (Length 18 minutes)

This week’s interview (46:33) This week’s interview is the VP of Enrollment at Babson college, Courtney Minden. We look at ‘The new ways colleges recruit’. In Part 2 of 3, Courtney addresses the following topics:

Courtney Minden
(1) Courtney discusses Babson’s senior fellow interview program, what is it and is it informational only or are these interviews evaluative?, (2) Courtney tells us what Platform Q is, why Babson uses them and how they used platform Q?, (3) Courtney talks about virtual high school visits and virtual college fairs and we have a candid discussion about how effective virtual college fairs are. (Length 21 minutes)

Mark’s recommended resource of the week (58:33): The website https://www.collegewebld.com/ is a great source to see how well various colleges serve students with learning differences.

College Spotlight (1:07:13) : Lawrence University, (https://www.lawrence.edu/) Appleton, Wisconsin (Length 39 minutes)

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