Interview 85: Gary Clark on “Demystifying Waitlists and explaining why the waitlist is so long”

  • Gary gives his backstory, including where he grew up and the various colleges he worked at
  • Gary explains the admissions statistics for UCLA for the class of 2025
  • Gary explains the mechanics of how the waitlist works
  • In part 1 one, Gary explains a few reasons why you can start out with what you think is a long waitlist and immediately it can get whittled down
  • Gary explains some of the unknowns
  • Gary explains the role that various factors play with waitlists at UCLA
Gary Clark
  • Gary explains the fluidity of the waitlist at UCLA
  • Gary discusses what Summer Melt is and how it impacts the numbers
  • Gary addresses Double Deposits
  • Gary discusses how the admission process varies based on what your college or in some instances, college major is
  • I end with a separate audio file of some info Gary shared with me after our interview

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