Interview 104: Angela McIver on "Trapezium Math"
Interview 106: Benjamin Baum on "Understanding St. John's College"

Interview 105: Sue Corner on “Understanding Willamette”

Sue Corner
  • Sue opens up by sharing the very unique historical role Willamette University has played in the region and in the nation.
  • Sue explains what is the hallmark of what makes Willamette special.
  • Sue talks about how the location of Willamette makes it special.
  • Sue talks about the internship opportunities Willamette offers
  • Sue talks about the different schools that comprise Willamette, and she talks about a couple of very exciting new programs.
  • Sue talks about how they navigate their partnership with PCNCA.
  • Sue talks about the dual degree and accelerated degree programs Willamette offers
  • Sue shares the things that have changed at Willamette since Sue was a student.
  • Sue also shares the things that have changed with the city of Salem over the years.
  • Sue talks about how Willamette and Lewis, and Clark are different.
  • Sue talks about what the Northwest 5 consortium is
  • Sue talks about who the overlap schools are
  • Sue talks about what is unique about the admissions process at Willamette.
  • Sue talks about how admissions officers evaluate an applicant.
  • Sue talks about writing, extracurriculars, and admissions interviews.
  • Sue talks about the role demonstrated interest plays in admissions decisions.
  • Sue talks about the role that test scores play in admissions decisions.
  • Sue talks about the role test scores play in merit scholarships.
  • Sue talks about whether the ability to pay impacts admission decisions.
  • Sue discusses whether Williamette offers need and merit or only merit-based money
  • Sue talks about two different fly-in visit programs that they have.
  • Sue encourages people to email her at
  • Sue encourages people to copy and email the regional admission officer.
  • Sue goes on the hot seat in our lightning round.

You can also listen on Episode 239 and Episode 241

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