Interview 135: Alison Merzel on “Understanding and Supporting Jewish Students and the Threat of Antisemitism”

  • Alison shares her backstory.
  • Alison tells us the formal definition of antisemitism
  • Alison shares some disturbing statistics about the rise of anti-Jewish hate
  • Alison shares how many Jewish people live in the country
  • Alison shares the diversity of identities within the Jewish community
  • Alison explains why antisemitism is rising in society and on college campuses.
  • Alison discusses how discrimination is going from both the left and the right
  • Alison talks about what BDS is and why if a college is supporting a BDS movement, Jewish students may not feel safe there
  • Alison explains what Zionism is.
  • Alison talks about how antisemitism is showing up on college campuses
  • Should Jewish students trust the publications that discuss colleges that are good for Jewish students
  • Should Jewish students get involved in DEI initiatives
  • What should a Jewish student do if they have an incident on campus
Alison Merzel
  • Is there anything in the article in the WSJ discussing the rise of antisemitism on college campuses?
  • What is Hilliel’s campus climate initiative?
  • What are your thoughts about the advice some Jewish college counselors are giving to not identify as Jewish
  • What can non-Jewish students do to be supportive
  • Any resources you recommend for people who want to educate yourself
  • Alison talks about Ohio State and her experience there, and she shares who she recommends for Ohio State

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