Interview 138: Andre Philips in “Understanding University of Wisconsin-Madison”

  • Andre gives us his bio, including his 40 years of working in college admissions at U Chicago and UW-Madison
  • Andre shares the two things that UW-Madison does very well.
  • Andre shares a few things he feels UW-can do better.
  • Andre discusses the Supreme Court and affirmative action and how this may impact UW-Madison
  • Andre discusses what the most robust programs are at U-W, both by reputation and the underrated top programs that often fly under the radar.
  • Andre discusses the role and importance of the student voice in writing.
  • Andre talks about the importance of communicating your extracurriculars.
  • Andre talks about the importance of your recommendation writers.
Andre Philips
  • Andre talks about some new initiatives at UW-Madison, including the Bucky’s Promise and the Bucky’s Pell Promise
  • Andre talks about the personal qualities that make an applicant stand out.
  • Andre talks about how he reads an admission file.
  • Andre goes on the hot seat, and we get to know him more in a personal way.

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