YCBK25: Why Am I Getting So Much Mail From Colleges?

In this week's episode...

In the News (2:30): In this week’s news several private schools recently announced that they will stop offering Advanced Placement (AP) courses. (Length 12:30).

We're in Chapter 25 of 171 Answers (15:00): and we talk about what it means when you receive so much college mail at home, and if that means your child has a good chance of getting admitted into those schools. (Length 10:40)

This week’s question (25:40) is from a mom and both she and her husband hold Associates Degrees and she wants to know if that means her child can identify as a first generation student, if the child is pursuing a Bachelor’s degree. (Length 12:42)

Mark interviews David Gelinas of Davidson College (38:22) David is the Director of Financial Aid at Davidson College and they will discuss how and why colleges decide what they are going to request families to pay, and why it differs so much from school to school. This is the first of three straight weeks where David will answer this complex question. (Length 18:20)


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