171 Answers to the Most-Asked College Admissions Questions Kindle Edition

by Mark Stucker

171 Answers provides in-depth explanations to questions readers have about the college admissions process and graduating from college with minimal debt.

  • College AdmissionCollege Admission: From Application to Acceptance, Step by Step
    Robin Mamlet and Christin VanDeVelde
    Another favorite book about college admissions with more than 150 deans interviewed. (Ep. 49)
  • College Admissions and the Public InterestCollege Admissions and the Public Interest
    Alden Thresher
    This book was originally written in 1966 and looked at MIT’s admission perspective. It’s been reissued, and Jon Bockenstedt of Oregon State University says it’s the best book on how college admissions should work. (Ep. 265)
  • Fiske Guide to CollegesFiske Guide to Colleges
    Edward Fiske
    The leading guide for the last 30 years provides in-depth descriptions of what student life is like at more than 320 leading colleges. (Ep. 55)
  • Crush Your Test Anxiety
    Ben Bernstein
    This book gives practical advice on how to conquer the anxieties that keep you from achieving peak performance on tests. (Ep. 209)

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