YCBK 80: Advice for Non-Traditional Students

In this week’s episode you will hear

In the News (5:28): In this week’s news, an article from Inside Higher Ed, “When Colleges Seek Diversity through Photoshop” by Scott Jaschik.

Scott Jaschik

Inside Higher Ed

Schools have been busted using Photoshop to add students of color into their marketing materials in places where the original photo was taken with a white student. Though the practice is deemed unethical, research has proven that over 75 percent of colleges appeared to over represent black students in their admissions publications. Most schools also over-represent Asian students. This is a major concern because many students rely on a university’s image to make their enrollment decisions. Others argue more pragmatically, how are they going to attract a more diverse applicant pool unless they depict them in pictures. Mark and Anika discuss the pros and the cons of this practice. (Length 16:29)

Chapter 80 of 171 Answers (21:57): Mark shares advice for non-traditional students applying for college. We talk about what the definition is of a non-traditional student and we contrast this with a traditional student.

171 Answers to the Most-Asked College Admission Questions
We also talk about how some colleges are very supportive of non-traditional students. We discuss the various things that admission offices and colleges do to make themselves conducive to the needs of non-traditional students. We also mention some of the outstanding programs that some of the most selective colleges offer for non-traditional students. (Length 16:53)

This week’s question (38:50) Mark covers a bonus topic this week as we talk about the push for test-optional schools, one year after the University of Chicago’s decision.

There have been 41 schools who have decided to no longer test scores since the University of Chicago went test-optional in early 2018. We have a discussion about who these schools are; are they all very similar or are they quite different. Mark also speculates what the future has for the test-optional movement. (Length 20:33)

This week’s interview (59:33) Mark interviews Daniel Greene, a parent and dedicated listener to Your College-Bound Kid in “Understanding how the Trello app can help you stay organized in the college process”.

Steve Schwartz
Daniel shares how he uses the Trello app; how his son uses the Trello app and what his wife thinks about the Trello app. Daniel then generously offers to demo the Trello app for every one of our listeners who wants to see the Trello app in action. Daniel Greene has set up a Trello board for YCBK listeners; it is public
at: https://trello.com/b/6aPVsvc7/college-admissions. Listeners can play around all
they want with this Trello Board
It also contains a card with information on how to contact me
at collegeadmissionstrello@gmail.com. (Length 25 minutes)

 Mark’s recommended resource of the week (71:54) Mark’s recommended resource of the week is

He’s Not Lazy: Empowering Your Son to Believe In Himself Adam Price. Mark also does an overview of his two day visit to Smith College

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