• My So-Called High School Rank
    This HBO film follows three high school drama departments performing a musical that depicts a dystopian society where students’ class rank determines every part of their future. (Ep. 283)
  • Race to Nowhere 
    The documentary looks at the incredible pressure that students as young as elementary students are under to forsake creativity and get caught up in the rat race of excessive homework. The documentary was released in 2010, but it is just as relevant now as it was then. It is available on YouTube and Amazon Prime. (Ep. 269)
  • try harder!
    Our team was transfixed watching this documentary and cannot recommend it more highly. The documentary looks at the pressure students at Lowell High School feel to go to a prestigious college and the impact this has on their self-esteem and mental health. (Ep. 221)
  • Chegg
    A website providing textbook rentals, study guides, and practice exams. (Ep. 337)
  • InClass
    This app is an organizational tool that stores documents on your phone. You can use it to effectively manage assignments, due dates, class times, and other important priorities. It can also track upcoming assignments by priority and due date. (Ep. 289)
  • Todoist 
    A project management app to help with scheduling and priorities. (Ep. 275)
  • going merry
    One of our favorite websites for searching for scholarships. (Ep. 148)
  • How 2 Win Scholarships
    A fantastic blog full of tips on how to win private scholarships along with a search tool for scholarships. (Ep. 129)
  • JLV College Counseling
    Another terrific source to find scholarships that have been pre-screened and confirmed as viable and legitimate scholarships  (Ep. 130)
  • Unigo
    A source for college reviews, college scholarships, college data and answers to challenging questions. (Ep. 172)
  • Verified Scholarships
    This website has over 3 million scholarships that have been pre-screened to make sure there are no scholarship scams. (Ep. 164)