YCBK 264: Dr. Nick Gozik: What you need to know about Study Abroad
YCBK 264: Dr. Nick Gozik: What you need to know about Study Abroad [Transcript]

YCBK 265: How did U of Portland get a 13.4 million dollar shortfall

In this week’s episode you will hear

In the News (25:24) : Mark and Vince discuss an article by Sami Edge that appeared on August 31, 2022 in Oregonian entitled: “Record number of 1st year students withdraw from the University of Portland, contributing to 13.4 million shortfall. Vince and Mark discuss how could this happen and what are the implications of this budget shortfall; what implications does this have for other colleges (Length 16 minutes)

This week’s question (41:35) Mark discusses with Lisa several of the reasons why a college will admit a student with a lower GPA and a lower test score over a kid with a higher GPA and a higher test score.

(Length 23 minutes)

This week’s interview (1:04:50) Our interview is with Jon Boeckenstedt, the Vice Provost of Oregon State University. John discusses a range of topics in this final part 4 of 4: (1) Jon gives his opinion on whether it is ethical for a college admission officer to tell a student that they are admissible if they will withhold their test score, )

Jon Boeckenstedt
(2) Jon talks about what he would like to see changed in admissions, (3) Jon talks about what he thinks about using Student Search as the starting point for colleges, (4) Jon talks about the access vs selectivity, (5) Jon goes on the hotseat (Length 14 minutes

Mark’s recommended resource of the week (1:18:18) The first recommended resource is the quick reference guide for Counselors for admissions to the nine University of California universities. Here is the link: https://admission.universityofcalifornia.edu/counselors/_files/documents/quick-reference.pdf. The second recommended resource is the book Jon Bockenstedt says is the best admissions book on college admissions of how college admissions should work: Alden B Thresher’s classic “College Admissions and the common good”. The book was written in 1966 and it looked at MIT’s admission perspective but Chris Peterson of MIT (an MIT admissions officer we have had on our podcast) reissued this classic book with the 2018 version. MIT is making it available for free. Here is the link: https://mitadmissions.org/blogs/entry/college-admissions-in-the-public-interest/ (Length 13 minutes)

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