Interview 188: Michelle McAnaney on “What to do to maximize your college visits”

Michelle gives her background Lisa introduces the topic, What to do to maximize the college tour Michelle gives some tips for what to look for at Information Sessions Michelle shares some tips to get the most out of the college tour Michelle talks about what she does on a tour when students start sounding very [...]

June 10, 2024|

Interview 186: Michele Evard, Holly Ramsey, and Liam Dailey on “How admission offices evaluate homeschooled applicants”

Holly, Michele, and Liam all introduce themselves. Liam, Michele, and Holly share the reasons why students choose homeschooling Holly shares some of the fascinating statistics on homeschooling We return to the subject of why students consider homeschooling Holly explains why she feels homeschooling is a humane way to educate Holly explains how the racial unrest [...]

June 10, 2024|

Interview 185: Jeff Selingo on “How to Know if a College Is Financially Stable”

Jeff Selingo shares the space he occupies in this Higher Ed Space We talk about a recent tweet from Jeff about how Moody’s downgraded Muhlenberg and how small colleges are struggling Jeff answers the question, how do you figure out if a college is going in the wrong direction financially Jeff explains why he feels [...]

June 10, 2024|

Interview 184: Michael Keaton on “Understanding Ursinus College”

Michael gives an overview of Ursinus Michael talks about the Presidents vision for Ursinus and he says that is one reason he chose to come to Ursinus Michael talks about the departments and programs that students are the most enthusiastic about Michael talks about the Summer Fellows Program Michael talks about merit scholarships Michael talks [...]

June 10, 2024|

Interview 183: Liz Hamlet on “Pathways for Success for Students with Disabilities”

Liz shares her backstory from special ed teacher to author and success advocate for students with learning disabilities. Liz talks about the range of disability accommodations that colleges provide, and she talks about how those accommodations differ from high school accommodations. Liz talks about what colleges are legally bound to provide versus what is optional [...]

June 10, 2024|

Interview 182: Chris Gage on “Understanding Belmont University”

How they utilize Nashville Chris explains what Belmont East and Belmont West and Belmont Atlanta is? Chris talks about where students stay for Belmont East, Belmont West and Belmont Atlanta Chris explains what “Be well/Be You means” Chris talks about Music Row, the Music Business program and he talks about the Nursing program Chris talks [...]

June 10, 2024|

Interview 181: Jeremy Lowe on “Understanding American University”

Jeremy shares what he feels separates American University from other schools Jeremy talks about how AU students benefit from AU’s education Jeremy highlights what he regards as AU’s strongest programs and you may be surprised by some of the ones he shares Jeremy shares some of the statistics about AU Jeremy talks about internships Jeremy [...]

June 10, 2024|

Interview 180: Jed Applerouth on “What you need to know about the ACT and the SAT”

Jed gives his background, and he tells us a little bit about Applerouth Jed talks about the work Applerouth does for students with executive functioning. Jed and I talk about public flagship colleges and their insane out-of-state selectivity. Jed gives us the history of the ACT and tells us what is happening with it. Jed [...]

June 10, 2024|

Interview 179: Jeremy Lowe on “Understanding Direct Admissions”

Jeremy shares his background and how it impacts him to this day Jeremy explains what Direct Admissions Is Jeremy talks about how Direct Admissions helps the Institutions that offer it Jeremy talks about how Direct Admissions helps students Jeremy talks about the scalability of Direct Admissions Jeremy talks about Common App’s pilot program for Direct [...]

June 10, 2024|

Interview 178: Chris Gage on “Is College worth it?”

Chris gives his backstory Chris shares the value proposition for why college is a good investment Chris goes a level deeper and explains what it is that makes the magic work Chris talks about the role of faculty and administrators Chris talks about the role of the student body Chris talks about the role of [...]

June 10, 2024|

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