Interview 173: Matt Bonser on “Answers to 20 FAQ about Gap Years”

Matt shares a trend he is observing in admissions this year. Matt tells us what his role is for Gap year applicants to Colorado College Matt tells us what a Gap year is. Matt tells us what percentage of students take a gap year. Matt shares the reasons why students request to take a gap [...]

February 22, 2024|

Interview 170: Gil Villaneuva on “Understanding Rhodes College”

Gil gives his bio. Gil answers the question, how is Rhodes different from other colleges. Gil describes the Rhodes campus. Gil explains how Rhodes lives out its mission statement. Gil gives us a profile of Rhodes College Gil explains how they have added a B to diversity equity and inclusion, and he tells us what [...]

February 19, 2024|

Interview 169: Andy Borst on “How AI is impacting admissions offices”

Andy shares his background. Andy talks about an article that ran in Inside Higher Ed on AI and college admissions, entitled, “Admissions offices turn to AI for application review” that he spoke out vociferously about on social media, Andy recounts what the article says, and why he disagreed with the content of that article. Andy [...]

February 13, 2024|

Interview 168: Scott Barnhardt on “Admissions Advice for Performing Arts Majors”

Lisa shares Scott’s impressive biography including his time on Broadway in productions like the Book of Mormon Scott shares how a disappointment turned out to be a blessing in disguise Scott says the most common question he is asked is, what is the difference between a BA and a BFA, so he answers that question [...]

February 13, 2024|

Interview 167: Michael Keaton on “The New FAFSA”

Julie Esquivel and Mark Stucker interview Michael Michael shares his bio. Michael shares some of the changes to the NEW FAFSA Michael shares how the changes to the FAFSA are impacting students and college admissions offices. Michael talks about some of the kinks in the FAFSA rollout and he talks about how the wrinkles impact [...]

February 13, 2024|

Interview 164: Dan and Mary Lachance on “Opportunities in Cyber Security Careers”

Dan talks about how he used summer programs to confirm his interest in cybersecurity. Dan shares all the branches or options you can select from within cybersecurity. Mary is a data engineer who works with cyber-insurance, and she shares the changes she is seeing in the job market. Dan shares how he picked a college, [...]

January 26, 2024|

Interview 163: Soup Campbell on “How to use Zeemee”

How Zeemee helps students to understand a college and connect with other students Soup starts out talking about how Zeemee has changed in the last five years Soup talks about his background in admissions, high school, teaching and social media Soup talks about Zeemee is different from Instagram, Snap Chat, Tik Tok and Discord Soup [...]

January 26, 2024|

Interview 162: Marissa Salazar on “Six ways to visit a college”

Marissa gives her backstory and the various roles she has had Marissa describes how the open house differs from other college visits Marissa describes who the Open House is best designed for Marissa explains some different models that different schools use for their Open Houses Marissa discusses how Open Houses relate to “Yield.” and she [...]

December 19, 2023|

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