Interview 151: Evan Mandery on “Poison Ivy”

Evan Mandery is the author of eight books, including four novels, as well as the co-creator and executive producer of the TV series Artificial, for which he won Peabody and Emmy awards in 2019 Evan Mandery shares his interesting background and how it shaped how he is today Evan talks about where his passion for [...]

August 21, 2023|

Interview 150: Dr. Jenni Griffin on “Utilizing Student Resources to be successful while in college”

Jenni gives her education and her career background. Jenni gives a description of her role as the Dean of APEX - Advising, Planning and Experiential Learning which oversees six offices: Academic resource center, Global Engagement, Career Planning, Experiential Learning and Community Engagement Entrepreneurship Center, and the Registrar’s office Jenni talks about how it was intentional [...]

August 21, 2023|

Interview 149: Lisa, Liz and Sarah on “College is Fine”

Lisa interviews Dr. Liz Seidler, and Dr. Sarah Olivo, two clinical psychologists who host the College is Fine, Everything is Fine podcast about issues in college mental health. They discuss the main problems Dr. Siedler and Dr. Olivo have been seeing with college students in their clinical practice. Dr. Siedler and Dr. Olivo describe how [...]

August 21, 2023|

Interview 146: Elliot Felix on “How to get the most out of College”

Elliot talks about his journey from an architect to an author Introduction of the topic of “How to go to college” Where do you live is a big part of how you go to college, Elliot shares the research Elliot talks about the value of Living Learning Communities Elliot talks about the new mindset that [...]

July 12, 2023|

Interview 145: Dr. Louis Newman on “Thinking Critically in College”

Dr. Newman shares his childhood goal and his backstory Louis Newman shares the epiphany he had with a student named Rachel that served as the impetus for him to write his book Lisa shares what she loved about the book when she read it Dr. Newman shares a number of things that students need to [...]

July 11, 2023|

Interview 144: Andre Phillips on “Summer Melt”

Andre shares what Summer Melt is Andre reveals many reasons why students melt away at all colleges and universities that they enrolled at Andre discusses topics parents and students need to be discussing with each other in order to avoid experiencing summer melt You can also listen on Episode 332

July 11, 2023|

Interview 143: Gus Resendiz on “Pros and Cons of a Co-op Education”

Gus shares the various co-op jobs he had while he was at Northeastern Gus shares how he ended up getting a co-op opportunity in the East Wing of the White House Gus shares how his undergrad co-op inspired him to craft his own co-op in law school Gus explains how co-op taught him what he [...]

July 11, 2023|

Interview 142: David Marcus on “Acceptance”

David Marcus shares his background David gives an overview of his book “Acceptance” and he talks about some of the main students in the book that he tracks David tells us what he was trying to convey in Chapter 3, BWRK David talks about Chapter 4 of his book, “When everyone is special, no one [...]

July 11, 2023|

Interview 141: Christine Gangelhoff on “Advice for Music Majors”

Christine shares her extensive educational background and her experience as a college professor and consultant working with students as a flute specialist, and helping students find the right music program Christine talks about which student is appropriate for a Bachelors in Music (BM) vs the Bachelor of Arts in Music and she goes into depth [...]

July 11, 2023|

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