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Interview 189: Tara Williams on “Understanding Barrett Honors College, Arizona State University”

The player doesn’t work on Safari

  • Tara shares the various roles she has had in higher education
  • Tara shares what she believes distinguishes Arizona State University
  • Tara explains the difference between an Honors College and an Honors Program
  • Tara shares what are the benefits of being in an Honors College
  • Tara talks about what differentiates Barrett from many other Honors College
  • Tara explains to us what “The Human Event is.”
  • Tara talks about some more specific experiences for Barrett students
  • Tara talks about the class size for some of the Honors College courses
  • Tara talks about the three levels of advising at Barrett
  • Tara talks about how Barrett builds community
  • Tara talks about the number of Barrett-specific events they offer
  • Tara talks about whether non-Barrett activities are available to Barrett students
  • Tara talks about the admissions process to get into Barrett
  • Tara talks about a major change regarding the test score policy for Barrett, beginning with the class of 2025
  • Tara answers the question, is there a fee for Barrett?
  • Tara talks about scholarships for Barrett students
  • Tara talks about when the essay prompts are released
  • Tara talks about the misperceptions that are out there about Barrett
  • Tara talks about intellectual curiosity
  • Tara talks about the specific centers that exist for Barrett students
  • Tara talks about the different ASU campuses
  • Tara talks about how she sees the Honors College evolving
  • Tara talks about the internship coordinator
  • Tara gives her advice to parents, college counselors, and students
  • Tara goes on the hot seat

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