Interview 186: Michele Evard, Holly Ramsey, and Liam Dailey on "How admission offices evaluate homeschooled applicants"
Interview 188: Michelle McAnaney on "What to do to maximize your college visits"

Interview 187: John Hoffman on “Lessons learned from 45 years placing kids in colleges and boarding schools”

  • John shares his background
  • John shares the reasons why a Jewish man from NY wants to work with Black, Brown, and Asian kids
  • John talks about how the college process is radically different now than it was 50 years ago
  • John tells a story about a course he took at Columbia that had a profound impact on him, and it still impacts his understanding of human behavior today
  • John explains what he means by having a T-20 mentality
  • John talks about the college process for his daughter that was just completed last month
  • John shared how his daughter communicated the lower grades that she had in her freshman year to the colleges she applied to
  • John shares the lessons he learned from his daughter going through the college process
  • John shares his view of what role, if any, the name recognition of the school should play when building a college list
  • John talks about how Columbia’s core curriculum helped him
  • I talk about why the Open Curriculum is appealing to me
  • John goes on the hot seat

You can also listen on Episode 434, Episode 436, and Episode 438

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