YCBK 435: Is Enrollment Management Destroying Colleges-Part 2 of 2 [Transcript]
YCBK 437: How Much Weight To Put On Admitted Student Visit Days In Your College Decision

YCBK 436: Three Opportunities Some Students Miss Out on Over The Summer

Introduction :

  • Mark shares three opportunities he sees too many students and parents missing out on over the summer.
  • Mark interviews John Hoffman: Reflections on 45 years doing college placement and school placement-Part 2 of 3

Preview Part 2 :

  • John talks about the college process for his daughter that was just completed last month
  • John shared how his daughter communicated the lower grades that she had in her freshman year to the colleges she applied to
  • John shares the lessons he learned from his daughter going through the college process
  • John shares his view of what role if any the name recognition of the school should play when building a college list


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