Interview 183: Liz Hamlet on "Pathways for Success for Students with Disabilities"
Interview 185: Jeff Selingo on "How to Know if a College Is Financially Stable"

Interview 184: Michael Keaton on “Understanding Ursinus College”

  • Michael gives an overview of Ursinus
  • Michael talks about the Presidents vision for Ursinus and he says that is one reason he chose to come to Ursinus
  • Michael talks about the departments and programs that students are the most enthusiastic about
  • Michael talks about the Summer Fellows Program
  • Michael talks about merit scholarships
  • Michael talks about the creative writing program
  • Michael talks about some of the famous people that are affiliated with Ursinus
  • Michael goes on the hot seat
  • Michael gives some sage advice for students

You can also listen on Episode 429, and Episode 431

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