Interview 182: Chris Gage on "Understanding Belmont University"
Interview 184: Michael Keaton on "Understanding Ursinus College"

Interview 183: Liz Hamlet on “Pathways for Success for Students with Disabilities”

  • Liz shares her backstory from special ed teacher to author and success advocate for students with learning disabilities.
  • Liz talks about the range of disability accommodations that colleges provide, and she talks about how those accommodations differ from high school accommodations.
  • Liz talks about what colleges are legally bound to provide versus what is optional or what services they can charge for
  • Liz talks about what a student needs to do to keep their accommodation.
  • Liz tells us, How much do students need to advocate for themselves?
  • Liz talks about how FERPA impacts parent communication once a student in college
  • Liz explains why students choose not to list their disabilities with the college.
  • Liz talks about what skills students need to have at home for a successful college transition.
  • Liz talks about why assignment calendars are important.
  • Liz continues to talk about what disabilities services that are provided at a college differ from what a high school provides
  • Liz talks about how a student with a disability can provide a good college fit
  • Liz and Lisa talk about the problems that are created when the parent wants the student to take advantage of disability services but the student doesn’t take ownership of their own need for services
  • Liz talks about the level of independence students need to be successful when they are on their own, away from their parents
  • Lisa tells a story about her own transition to college
  • Liz talks about how a family can evaluate the level of support that a college offers, and in doing this, she debunks some commonly held myths
  • Liz shares great questions to ask when evaluating a disability services department
  • Liz shares how people can learn more about the services and resources that she provides including her book, her website and her YouTube channel and her Readers Digest six page guide
  • Liz goes on the hot seat and we get to know her outside of being a disabilities service expert

You can also listen on Episode 424, Episode 426, and Episode 428

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