Interview 181: Jeremy Lowe on "Understanding American University"
Interview 183: Liz Hamlet on "Pathways for Success for Students with Disabilities"

Interview 182: Chris Gage on “Understanding Belmont University”

  • How they utilize Nashville
  • Chris explains what Belmont East and Belmont West and Belmont Atlanta is?
  • Chris talks about where students stay for Belmont East, Belmont West and Belmont Atlanta
  • Chris explains what “Be well/Be You means”
  • Chris talks about Music Row, the Music Business program and he talks about the Nursing program
  • Chris talks about the investment that has been made into facilties at Belmont in the last 24 years
  • Last week Chris talked about Belmont’s nursing program, this week Chris talks about multiple programs that are housed within Curb college of Entertainment and Music that are stupendous.
  • Next Chris talks about some of the top programs in the O’More College of Architecture and Design
  • Chris turns his attention to the Jack C Massey College of Business
  • Chris expands on what it means that Belmont is a Christian university.
  • Chris talks the states that are most represented in the Belmont Student body
  • Chris describes Belmont’s personality.
  • Chris talks about some of Belmont’s institutional priorities
  • Chris talks about what Belmont needs to do to improve and get better
  • Chris talks about the admissions process at Belmont
  • Chris talks about athletics at Belmont
  • Chris talks about Greek life at Belmont
  • Chris goes on the hotseat in the lightning round
  • Andy gives his best advice for parents and students

You can also listen on Episode 423, and Episode 425

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