Interview 180: Jed Applerouth on "What you need to know about the ACT and the SAT"
Interview 182: Chris Gage on "Understanding Belmont University"

Interview 181: Jeremy Lowe on “Understanding American University”

  • Jeremy shares what he feels separates American University from other schools
  • Jeremy talks about how AU students benefit from AU’s education
  • Jeremy highlights what he regards as AU’s strongest programs and you may be surprised by some of the ones he shares
  • Jeremy shares some of the statistics about AU
  • Jeremy talks about internships
  • Jeremy tells us what LSP is
  • Jeremy talks about the hands on learning opportunities at AU
  • Jeremy talks about AU’s diversity
  • Jeremy talks about the kind of student that does well at AU
  • Jeremy explains the type of student that doesn’t do well at AU
  • Jeremy explains the admission process at AU and he breaks some new news about a major change that may be coming
  • Jeremy talks about how a student can be intentional about their engagement with AU
  • AU has been test-optional for 15 years, Jeremy talks about what their research shows about how well test-optional students do at AU?
  • Jeremy goes on the hot seat in our lightning round

You can also listen on Episode 423, and Episode 425

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