Interview 179: Jeremy Lowe on "Understanding Direct Admissions"
Interview 181: Jeremy Lowe on "Understanding American University"

Interview 180: Jed Applerouth on “What you need to know about the ACT and the SAT”

  • Jed gives his background, and he tells us a little bit about Applerouth
  • Jed talks about the work Applerouth does for students with executive functioning.
  • Jed and I talk about public flagship colleges and their insane out-of-state selectivity.
  • Jed gives us the history of the ACT and tells us what is happening with it.
  • Jed explains why the Digital Test is much better than the paper test.
  • Jed talks about why to quote Jed, the SAT is eating the ACT’s lunch
  • Jed explains what adaptive testing is and shares why he believes in adaptive testing.
  • Jed talks about whether he sees the ACT going adaptive.
  • Jed and Mark discuss why students like the Digital SAT
  • Jed talks about why some students still do better and prefer the ACT
  • Jed talks about the controversy around the first Digital SAT being so much harder and the rumor that students scored lower on the March test.
  • Does Jed recommend a student not take the ACT or SAT until they have one semester of Algebra 2?
  • What score gains should a student expect if they do test prep?
  • Is one on one superior to group testing?
  • What does the research show about the best way to improve your test scores?
  • How many hours of test prep does the average student need?
  • What is the role of practice tests in improving your test scores?
  • What does the research show about whether a student should take one test, two tests, or three tests

You can also listen on Episode 422

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