Interview 178: Chris Gage on "Is College worth it?"
Interview 180: Jed Applerouth on "What you need to know about the ACT and the SAT"

Interview 179: Jeremy Lowe on “Understanding Direct Admissions”

  • Jeremy shares his background and how it impacts him to this day
  • Jeremy explains what Direct Admissions Is
  • Jeremy talks about how Direct Admissions helps the Institutions that offer it
  • Jeremy talks about how Direct Admissions helps students
  • Jeremy talks about the scalability of Direct Admissions
  • Jeremy talks about Common App’s pilot program for Direct Admissions
  • Jeremy talks about whether American University is currently using Direct Admissions
  • Jeremy compares Direct Admissions to Test-Optional admissions
  • Jeremy and Lisa talk about the complexity and at times, frustration with holistic admissions
  • Jeremy explains how Direct Admissions can still be utilized with high barriers to entry
  • Jeremy explains whether Direct Admissions Is Binding

You can also listen on Episode 421

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