YCBK 437: How Much Weight To Put On Admitted Student Visit Days In Your College Decision [Transcript]
Interview 179: Jeremy Lowe on "Understanding Direct Admissions"

Interview 178: Chris Gage on “Is College worth it?”

  • Chris gives his backstory
  • Chris shares the value proposition for why college is a good investment
  • Chris goes a level deeper and explains what it is that makes the magic work
  • Chris talks about the role of faculty and administrators
  • Chris talks about the role of the student body
  • Chris talks about the role of the values of the institution
  • Chris talks about the role of the mission of Belmont
  • Chris talks about the power of diversity
  • Chris talks about why kids go to college
  • Chris talks about how sometimes kids don’t select college for the right reasons
  • Chris talks about how Belmont lives out its mission

You can also listen on Episode 421

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