Interview 124: Vern Granger on "Understanding the University of Connecticut"
YCBK 283: Want to get into Penn? Show a little gratitude-on an essay prompt [Transcript]

YCBK 283: Want to get into Penn? Show a little gratitude-on an essay prompt

In this week’s episode you will hear

In the News (24:43) : Mark and Vince discuss two articles. The first one is a Forbes article by Brennan Barnard entitled, “College Admissions: Thanks in Advance”

Want to get into Penn? Show a little gratitude—on an essay prompt | Penn Today ( (Length 14 minutes)

This week’s question (38:09) Mark and Lisa answer a question from Gina from Raleigh, NC:

I understand what need-aware admissions is but how does it work? (Length 23 minutes)

This week’s interview (1:01:03) Mark starts a brand-new interview with Wendy Beckemeyer, the VP of enrollment at Cornell College. Over the next three Thursdays, Wendy will help us to understand what makes Cornell College special. Preview of Part 1 : (1) Wendy gives her backstory and her husband’s background, (2) Wendy discusses the six different schools she has done admissions at, (3) Wendy shares what distinguishes Cornell College from other colleges, (4) Wendy explains what “Block breaks” and “Block friends” are, (5) Wendy discusses “One course at a time” and ADD and ADHD, (6) Wendy talks about each of the four core values that Cornell College emphasizes, (7) Wendy talks about how Cornell has a distinction as a campus that only two colleges in the country share,

Wendy Beckemeyer
(8) Wendy shares the three things she consistently hears that students and parents are looking for, (9) Wendy talks about the upgrades Cornell made to their facilities with the 100 million they have invested in their campus recently, (10) Wendy talks about some of the strongest majors on campus (Length 9 minutes)

Mark’s recommended resource of the week (1:10:40) The recommended resource is The HBO film “My So-Called High School Rank”. It follows three high school drama departments performing a musical that depicts a dystopian society where students’ class rank determines every part of their future.

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