University of Connecticut (CT)
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Interview 124: Vern Granger on “Understanding the University of Connecticut”

Vern Granger
  • Vern Granger gives his backstory
  • How is U Conn different from the other Flagship schools in New England
  • Vern talks about the role sports plays in playing a close community
  • Vern talks about why U Conn has such a high retention rate
  • Vern talks about U Conn’s “time to completion rate”
  • Vern talks about U Conn’s student “indebted rate”
  • What brought Vern to U Conn
  • Vern shares the role of technology at U Conn
  • Vern discusses the role of diversity, equity an inclusion at U Conn
  • Vern lets us know what factors other than the transcript that matter in the U Conn admissions process
  • Vern discusses how students are admitted at U Conn
  • Vern explains what ACES is and why ACES is important
  • Vern answers a question about scholarships at U Conn
  • Vern talks about the Honors Program at U Conn
  • Vern answers a question about whether the published information for admission stats are for the Storrs campus or does it include the other four campuses
  • Vern talks about how admission works at the four regional campuses
  • Vern talks about how you can set up a conversation with an admission officer
  • Vern talks about how the U Conn chat bot works and how they leverage technology
  • Vern comments individually on about eight of U Conn’s strongest majors
  • Vern goes on the hotseat

You can also listen on Episode 280, and Episode 282

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