Interview 123: Milyon Trulove on "Understanding Reed College"
YCBK 281: Yale accused of discriminating against students with mental illness

YCBK 280: Interview with Vern Granger, Director of Admissions at U Conn

In this week’s episode you will hear

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  • Lynda gives an update on how you can leave a message on our website by using
  • Mark shares 8 new Higher Ed Updates
  • Mark interviews Vern Granger, Director of Admissions at the University of Connecticut and Chairman of the Board at NACAC

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  • Vern Granger gives his backstory
  • How is U Conn different from the other Flagship schools in New England
  • Vern talks about the role sports plays in playing a close community
  • Vern talks about why U Conn has such a high retention rate
  • Vern talks about U Conn’s “time to completion rate”
  • Vern talks about U Conn’s student “indebted rate”
  • What brought Vern to U Conn
  • Vern shares the role of technology at U Conn
  • Vern discusses the role of diversity, equity an inclusion at U Conn
  • Vern lets us know what factors other than the transcript that matter in the U Conn admissions process
  • Vern discusses how students are admitted at U Conn

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