Interview 123: Milyon Trulove on “Understanding Reed College”

  • Milyon gives a great overview of the type of student that excels at Reed
  • Milyon describes where Reed is located, what the campus is like and how well students have done in getting advanced degrees
  • Milyon talks about the mission of Reed and how it impacts the student experience
  • Milyon shares something unique about Reed’s faculty
  • Milyon talks about Reed’s unique position on sports
  • Milyon talks about how being in Portland impacts the student experience
  • Milyon and Stuck discuss what are the distinctive traits of the Reed student
  • Milyon talks about why Reed has it’s grading policy that it has
  • Milyon talks about some of the distinctive programs that Reed offers
  • Milyon talks about an iconic aspect of Reed students that makes them distinct
  • Milyon tells us what they look for in a Reed student?
  • Milyon talks about a college-specific essay that Reed asks that is very helpful in discerning who is a good match at Reed
Milyon Truelove
  • Milyon talks about phone calls the admission officer often makes to get clarification
  • Milyon talks about how recommendations help Reed in their assessment
  • Milyon shares the role interviews play in their process
  • Milyon gives advice on what a student should ask a teacher when they are requesting a teacher recommendation
  • Milyon talks about demonstrated interest

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