YCBK 119: Many Seniors Are Too Uncertain to Commit to a College

In this week’s episode you will hear

In this weeks news segment (11:42): an article from USA Today, “Amid coronavirus layoffs, high school seniors are too uncertain to commit to a college”, by Chris Quintana. Colleges have rolled back the traditional May 1 deadline for students to declare their attendance, to June 1. It may be months before colleges know who their students will be, as COVID-19 has caused many job losses for families. (Length 36 minutes)


Chapter 119 of 171 Answers (47:39) Mark explains the FSEOG, The Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant, exclusively awarded to low income families.

171 Answers to the Most-Asked College Admission Questions
Mark answers many of the FAQs about FSEOG. (Length 17 minutes)

This week’s question (1:04:12) is from Micky in MA, a high school junior who wants to know when she should start her personal statement essay.

Many answers this question and he also gives listeners a few tips about what to do in your Personal Statement (Length 11 minutes)

This week’s interview (1:15:37) Mark continues his interview with Vincent Garcia: Understanding the 23 Colleges in the California State University System, Part III. Vince and I discuss how grade point averages are calculated at CSU schools and Vince talks about the CSU eligibility calculator.

Vincent Garcia
I ask Vince if you can predict CSU decisions in advance).
I ask Vince if colleges admit into the University, into a school or college or if they admit by major.
I ask Vince to explain impacted colleges and programs in case anyone missed our segment last week with Vince.
I ask what a student can do to get into an impacted program when you are at a college?
Vince gives some tips for transfer students who want to attend a CSU university.
I ask Vince how out of state status impacts the admission process at CSU schools (Length 19 minutes).

Mark’s recommended resource of the week is (1:23:17) the Gap year Research Consortium at Colorado College:


No College Spotlight this week because we don’t do college spotlights when our interview is a deep dive into a college or a series of college by a current or former admission officer (Length 11 minutes)

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