YCBK 211: Interview with UCLA admission dean [Transcript]
YCBK 212: Is the Munger dorm bad for mental health [Transcript]

YCBK 212: Is the Munger dorm bad for mental health

In this week’s episode you will hear

In the News (7:20) : In this week’s “In the news” segment, we do the big “switcheroo” and Lisa tackles an “in the news” question that was sent in and directed to her. It looks at the Windowless 4500 person dorm that Charlie Munger built at UC-Santa Barbara. We discuss a December 13, 2021 article entitled, “The Munger Dorm is bad, but why” by Aaron Betsky. The article appeared in Architectural Magazine. Aaron Betsky is Director of the School of Architecture + Design at Virginia Tech and a critic and author of more than a dozen books on art, architecture, and design. Lisa and Mark discuss why was it built, what makes it unique and what are the risk factors in building a dorm like this. We also discuss the role of big donors in implementing their plans for a school even when the professional architects disagree with their vision. (Length 18 minutes)


This week’s question (25:28) Question from a listener: “For medical schools, is it better to go to a “lower” tier undergraduate school and be at the top of your class vs. going to a school where more of the students are at the child’s level (and therefore the student would be in the middle of the pack)? – Jennifer from Virginia”.

Dave takes Lisa’s role in helping answer the question from a listener. He draws off his experience as a Medical Director and Mark draws off his experience of seeing which students from which schools get in medical schools to answer Jennifer’s question. (Length 32 minutes)

This week’s interview (57:10) Mark interviews Gary Clark, the Dean of undergraduate admissions at UCLA and Gary helps us to understand UCLA. Preview (Part 2/2) : (1) Gary and I talk about enrollment of non-resident students who are not from California, (2) Gary shares statistical information, such as how many students apply and what the acceptance rate is for nursing and he talks about what UCLA is looking for when they evaluate a nursing applicant, (3) Gary describes what “The Compare Favorably standard is” and he explains how this is measured,

Gary Clark
(4) Gary answers the question, does test-blind apply to AP and IB tests or only SAT and ACT. I put Gary on the hot seat and we get to know the lighter side of Gary (Length 12 minutes)

Mark’s recommended resource of the week (1:09:05) Our recommended resource for episode 212 is the website https://www.uaspire.org. uAspire is a non-profit with the singular focus on college affordability and removing financial barriers so that every student has an equitable opportunity to attain a post-secondary degree without burdensome debt. uAspire provides training and resources for students and counselors to help them understand college financial systems and the barriers that keep students from graduating because of money.

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