YCBK 52: Test Prep: Online, One-on-One, or Group? [Transcript]
YCBK 53: Why More Schools Are Going Test Optional [Transcript]

YCBK 52: Test Prep: Online, One-on-One, or Group?

In this episode you will hear

In the News (1:54): A Tale of Two Institutions: Amherst And Wisconsin Take Education Down Different Paths”, by Willard Dix of Forbes.



Dix draws attention to the difference in views of higher education’s purpose, by contrasting a liberal arts and a public institution – one that creates individuals with the capacity for wide-ranging thought versus the creation of “worker bees” to meet industry demands. (Length 7:58)

Chapter 52 of 171 Answers (9:52): We are in chapter 52 of 171 Answers and we are talking through whether your child would do better with online, one-on-one or group test prep.

171 Answers to the Most-Asked College Admission Questions
(Length 10:13)

This week’s question (20:05) is from a student who wants to know if his college counselor is the person responsible for sending off his test scores.)

(Length 4:51)

This week’s interview (24:56) Mark welcomes back Elaine Griffin Rubin, Senior Contributor and Communications Specialist with Edvisors, and they are talking through 9 federal loan repayment options.

Elaine Griffin Rubin
(Length 24:38)


Mark’s recommended resource of the week (39:34)

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