YCBK 252: Tom Becker: Understanding the University of Pittsburgh 2 of 3
YCBK 252: Tom Becker: Understanding the University of Pittsburgh 2 of 3 [Transcript]

YCBK 253: Why campus tours keep Presidents up at night

In this week’s episode you will hear

In the News (9:15) : Mark and Susan discuss a July 10th article by Adam Platt that appeared in the Twin Cities Business Magazine, entitled, “Why Campus Tours Keep Presidents up at Night”. The article looks at how the college tour is such a high stake game that it is a source of concern for Presidents.

https://tcbmag.com/why-campus-tours-keep-college-presidents-up-at-night/> (Length 50 minutes)

This week’s question (59:00) Our question from a listener, comes from Cadence, a student a Stuyvesant HS in NYC.

Cadence sent in two questions about interviews that we will answer over the next two weeks: If I am asked, what other schools are you applying to, how am I supposed to answer that question. (Length 37 minutes)

This week’s interview (1:26:21) Our interview is with Heath Einstein, the Dean of Admissions. In Part 1 of 3, Mark and Julia discuss the following: Part 1 : (1) Welcome and Greetings, (2) Julia shares how she met Heath, (3) Heath gives his backstory, (4) Heath answers the question, “Who is TCU”, (5) How does the mission at TCU impact the educational experience, (6)
I find that both TCU and SMU are at times challenging for students to consider as a goof fit for their college list if they don’t identify as Methodist or Christian, how would you answer the question, why should I consider TCU if I don’t identify as a Christian?, (7) The mascot at TCU is a “horn Frog”; what is a Horn Frog?,

Heath Einstein
(8) TCU is known for its School spirit, the Horned Frogs, where does this come from and how does it impact the student experience?, (9)
TCU is also known for friendly people and a strong sense of community, same question, where does this come from and what does this look like?, (10) Describe the TCU campus? The TCU interview with Dean of Admissions, Heath Einstein will also serve as our college spotlight. (Length 12 minutes)

Mark’s recommended resource of the week (1:38:56) The recommended resource is https://www.studentloanplanner.com/blog/. This is the work of Tyler Hornsby, who we have interviewed on our podcast. This is the best source Mark knows of to follow the student loan forgiveness and all other student loan options.

College Spotlight: See the interview above

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