YCBK 388: Tips for submitting video submissions to selective colleges
YCBK 388: Tips for submitting video submissions to selective colleges [Transcript]

YCBK 389: Colleges are being forced to change how they have to recruit students

In this week’s episode you will hear

In the News (2:09): Vince and Mark discuss an article that appeared in “The Chronicle of Higher Education” on 9/27/2023 entitled, “The Student List Business is Changing. Will that make student recruitment less equitable”? (Length 31 minutes)

This week’s question (33:15): Lisa and Lynda answer a question from Emily from Pennsylvania about what resources are out there for college counseling for under-resourced students.

(Length 11 minutes)

This week’s interview (44:47): Mark interviews Marissa Salizar in what will be a five part series that will be over 90 minutes, that will do a deep dive on all things college visit. Marissa is over all the visitation programs at Colorado College, and we cover: “Open Houses, “overnight visits”, “admitted-student visits”, “fly-in programs’ and “self-guided tours” Part 4 of 5. Preview-Part 4:

  • Marissa tells us what a self-guided tour is
  • She talks about the different types of self-guided tours
  • Marissa talks about when she recommends a self-guided tour
  • Marissa talks about whether virtual or in-person tours impact demonstrated interest and/or the student’s answers to the custom questions the college asks them to complete
  • Marissa talks about what a student can do to maximize the value of the self-guided tour.
  • Marissa talks about whether a student should let an admission officer know if they just popped by and stopped on campus but they didn’t do an official registration

Mark’s recommended resource of the week (52:38): Recommended Resource- National Partnership for Educational Access (NPEA) (educational-access.org) A great website for finding CBO’s in your area that help with college counseling.

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