Interview 162: Marissa Salazar on "Six ways to visit a college"
YCBK 389: Colleges are being forced to change how they have to recruit students

YCBK 388: Tips for submitting video submissions to selective colleges


  • Mark has a couple announcements about YCBK coming to Raleigh/Durham
  • Mark shares 7 things he sees parents and students doing when decisions come out that can bring pain to other students
  • Mark and Julia share tips for submitting videos to colleges
  • Lynda interviews Soup Campbell, Head of Marketing and Brand at Zeemee
  • Soup Campbell Interview : Part 1 of 4

    • Soup starts out talking about how Zeemee has changed in the last five years
    • Soup talks about his background in admissions, high school, teaching and social media
    • Soup talks about Zeemee is different from Instagram, Snap Chat, Tik Tok and Discord
    • Soup talks about why colleges like Zeemee so much?
    • Lynda asks Soup whether students know Zeemee is aware of what they are saying in he chat room
    • Soup talks about whether Zeemee sells their data


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