Interview 95: Rod Skinner on "Why is it so much harder to get into a selective college these days"
YCBK 227: Is telling our kids to follow their passions bad advice? [Transcript]

YCBK 227: Is telling our kids to follow their passions bad advice?

Susan Tree, Mark’s former colleague and friend for over 20 years makes her debut as an official co-host. In this week’s episode you will hear

In the News (15:45) : Susan and Mark discuss a article entitled, “We need to rethink encouraging our teens to follow your passions”. The article was written by Annie Reneau on April 13, 2021. Susan shares the history over the last 40 years of how several books have attempted to address the issue of whether a student should follow their passions. Mark and Susan give their take on the article. (Length 40 minutes)

This week’s question (55:56) Questions from a listener-I have a college sophomore and a high school senior so I have gone through the process twice – it is exhausting! I have two questions:

1) In searching for colleges, we looked at rankings depending on what the student’s area of study was (business, film, animation, international relations, etc.) The rankings we found were Poets & Quants Undergrad, Hollywood Reporter, Animation Review, and Foreign Policy. I had heard about US News, but not the other rankings – how can we determine if they are truly industry valid rankings? I know rankings don’t dictate success, but the search has to start somewhere, and it is just one more data point.

2) It was very difficult and at times impossible to find acceptance rates for a specific school within a university. For example – NYU Tisch, LMU Film & TV, Villanova undergrad business, and Georgetown SFS. Is there a way to find out? The acceptance rate for each school/program can vary greatly from the whole of the university.

Thank you so much!! Maria from Pennsylvania (Length 22 minutes)

This week’s interview (1:17:17) Interview-Rod Skinner, the Dean of College Counseling at Milton Academy-Topic “Why is it so much harder to get into a selective college these days”- (Part 3 of 3). Preview-Part 3/3 : (1) One means of getting people off a fixation with one school, (2) What parent can do to help their kids have positive mental health while going through the college process, (3) The importance of parents having this one skill when working with their kids,

Rod Skinner
(4) More great advice for parents is shared, (5) Rod recommends a book and shares an amazing quote, (6) The importance of relationships with parents, (7) The lightning round, Rod goes on the hotseat.
Sage wisdom for college counselors, students and parents (Length 10 minutes)

Mark’s recommended resource of the week (1:27:37) Our recommended resource for episode 227 is the website The website tracks trends in applications and the cost of college. They have cutting edge data here that is rarely found anywhere else. (Length 14 minutes)

College Spotlight: N/A

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