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YCBK 227: Is telling our kids to follow their passions bad advice?

Interview 95: Rod Skinner on “Why is it so much harder to get into a selective college these days”

Rod Skinner
  • Rod shares his backstory
  • How Mark met Rod
  • What role has the Common App has played
  • The role anxiety has played
  • The role of “test-optional”
  • The role of International students
  • The role of institutional priorities
  • The role of ED
  • The role your declared major plays
  • Rod tells us more about Milton Academy
  • What is Rod’s answer to the person who says, colleges are taking students of color with weaker credentials than my kid and it isn’t fair
  • An exercise he has families do
  • The role of athletics
  • Public vs private school
  • The transactional vs development mindset
  • Access paradigm vs selectivity paradigm
  • The role bond ratings play
  • The importance of starting with “why”
  • How does a rising tide lifts all boats
  • Getting people off a fixation with one school
  • What parents can do to help their kid’s mental health
  • The lightning round, Rod goes on the hot seat
  • Sage wisdom for college counselors, students, and parents

You can also listen on Episode 225, Episode 226 and Episode 227

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