YCBK 80: Advice for Non-Traditional Students
Smith College (MA)

Interview 35: Chika Nwosu on “My College Admission Process”

Chika Nwosu
This is our second interview with Chika Nwosu, a recent high school graduate and she updates us on her college admission process. One of our listeners asked us if we could bring on a current student at the start of their college process, after their process is over and after they have completed a year of college. We selected Chika. Chika was on episode 38 when she first started her college process. Her interview on episode 38 is one of the interviews that we have received our best response from. She returns in this episode to discuss where she got in college and where she didn’t get in. Chika is very transparent and she shares the emotions she felt with every decision she received. Chika shares where she visited, how those visits went; where she is going in the fall and why she selected the school that she selected. Chika has some advice for other students (Length 29:00).

You can also listen on Episode 81

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