YCBK 106: How to Fix College Admissions, Part 3

In this week’s episode you will hear

In the News (20:37):
After a lengthy introduction about some big announcements to start off the first week of our third year, we turn our attention to an article from Wall Street Journal, “How to Fix College Admissions”Part 3, by Melissa Korn. Korn interviews several groups in the world of college admissions – admissions officers, counselors, parents, students – to identify ways in which the admissions system could be fixed. We continue by discussing points 8-10. Mark’s lifelong friend, Dr. David Williams serves as the co-host for this episode. (Length 34:02)


Chapter 106 of 171 Answers: We are in Chapter 106 of 171 Answers and Mark and Dave discuss, What happens if a parent refuses to complete the FAFSA?

171 Answers to the Most-Asked College Admission Questions
We also talk about, what happens If a parent refuses to complete the CSS PROFILE. (Length 9:36)

This week’s question (1:04:15) is from a listener who asks,

if we are concerned about the cost of college, shouldn’t we cast a wide net and apply to as many colleges as possible? (Length 15:33)

This week’s interview (1:19:48) Colonel Rob Kirkland talks about /p>

Colonel Robert Kirkland
how a student should decide between the ROTC scholarship and attending a Service Academy. Rob talks about how some colleges give their own scholarships to ROTC students. I put Robert on the hot seat. (Length 20 minutes)<

Mark’s recommended resource of the week (1:29:01) is the book, https://www.unca.edu/

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  • How funny that I just last week contacted you about possibly creating a list of “College Spotlights” and – voila – here it is! These tabs you’ve created to list the different segments of your shows is terrific. You’ve created such a library of information in so many categories and now it’s more easily accessible!

    So nice to meet Dave – thank you for sitting in. Thinking of Anika and hoping things are ok on her end.