YCBK 107: The Top 10 Educational Stories in 2019

In this week’s episode you will hear

In the News (8:51): an article from Forbes, “The Year’s Top Ten Educational Stories” by Michael Nietzel. Mark’s lifelong friend, Dr. Williams serves as the co-host for this episode. Mark and Dave discuss the first five of these big higher education news stories in this episode. (Length 34:12)


Chapter 107 of 171 Answers (43:03): Mark and Dave discuss, What are the most common mistakes students make on the FAFSA.

171 Answers to the Most-Asked College Admission Questions
This book chapter lists 23 of these mistakes and Dave and Mark discuss six of the 23. Mark helps us determine how our kids should go about understanding the academic requirements and steps that it takes to achieve the careers that they are considering. (Length 8:35)

This week’s question (51:38) is from a mom in California who asks,

if my child attends a competitive high school and a college reads applications by school groupings, will that hurt my child’s chances of admission. (Length 20:26)

This week’s interview is with best-selling author and financial aid expert Mark Kantrowitz on the topic, “How and when you should appeal for more money if your financial aid award doesn’t meet your needs”. Mark Kantrowitz has served in many impressive roles over the last three decades but he currently is the VP of Research and the Publisher of the website, “savingforcollege.com”.

Mark Kantrowitz
In part 1 of our interview, Mark explains his background and he explains where his passion for scholarships and financial aid comes from. Mark explains what special circumstances are. Mark explains why colleges that charge a lot more are often the ones who are more willing to adjust their aid award. Mark talks about some of the expenses that are unlikely to be grounds for a successful appeal for more money. Mark talks about the difference between the FAFSA and the PROFILE and how this impacts the aid award a family receives. (Length 27 minutes)

Mark’s recommended resource of the week (1:29:23) Generation Z Unfiltered: Facing Nine Hidden Challenges of the Most Anxious Population by Tim Elmore

College Spotlight: Temple University: https://www.temple.edu/

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  • I loved the discussion on “top ten” article. i find any information on ED v RD fascinating and empowering.

    As far as the listener question, I have a sophomore in college who went to a private boarding school, and a current junior in our local public school. Both excel academically. It will be interesting to see how their opportunities will differ once the junior gets decision letters. I find the opinions you shared about the expectations of students at more prestigious schools to be spot on. I feel that put my oldest at a disadvantage competitively, despite being salutatorian. I also agree with your point about why you go to the school you do. My oldest was not happy at the local public school. He enjoyed his experience at the high school he chose and we have no regrets.

    • Lorraine, I appreciate your comments on the website. I want to get the word out about it but I am not good at internet marketing. Our stats are way up, but I’d like to get more engagement.

  • Hi Mark and Anika! I love your podcast. I’m a high school student and I wanted to ask if you could do a college spotlight on Brown University. I know you like to do college gems that aren’t well known, but could you consider doing a spotlight on this school?

    • Hi Temi, sorry about the delay but we will have Brown on episode 113. I also sent you an email about this. Thanks for being a listener; we LOVE our high school listeners. I am not surprised you are looking at Brown because most of our high school listeners are 4.0 or very close to 4.0 students. How did you find our podcast?