YCBK19: How Your Kid Can Use College Reviews to Learn About the Schools on Their List

In this week’s episode…

In the News (1:48): We’ll discuss how schools are manipulating the US News & World Report’s college rankings.

US News
This article titled “15 Things to know about US News College Ranking”, was written on May 8th, 2018 and published in College Solution.

In this week’s book discussion (11:15): of Chapter 19 of 171 Answers: to the Most-Asked College Admissions Questions looks at how you can and should use reviews from current college students and alumni of the colleges you are interested in to learn more about the culture and environment of each college.

171 Answers to the Most-Asked College Admission Questions
In this discussion we mention the best places to find these reviews. You will be introduced to a wealth of resources that will be subjective, but they also are not being filtered through the marketing efforts of the college. You will hear about the good the bad and ugly. We encourage you to put more weight on reviews when there are a lot of reviews. (Length 8:07)

Hilary from Philadelphia (19:22) asks “several kids I know want to take a gap year, if they apply and are accepted to a college and they delay their admission for a year, will they lose their financial aid offers”.

Mark answers this question and he explains that what a student is asked to pay is likely to change. (Length 6:15)

Mark’s interview this week is with Carol Conchar of George Washington University. (25:37) They talk about the admissions process for theater majors. Carol is a Regional Admissions Director. Carol answers the most frequently asked questions that theater majors have about what are the various educational pathways; what they should be doing now; how to stand out and what career opportunities are available.

Carol Conchar
Carol Conchar has been a Regional Admissions Director at George Washington since 1999. She discusses how she got interested in the Arts. Carol shares some different schooling options for theater majors. Carol discusses the requirements for admissions for theater majors that are standard as well as those that are sometimes required. Carol gives her advice for students about auditions and summer camps. Carol gives her recommendations to the student that is passionate about theater. Carol talks about various career options for theater majors. Carol shares the opportunities GW offers its students through the Concoran School of the Arts and Design (https://corcoran.gwu.edu). Go to 25:37 to listen (20 minutes long).


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