YCBK 135: Higher Education’s Very Bad Week
YCBK 135: Higher Education’s Very Bad Week [Transcript]

Interview 54: Lisa Przekop on “How the UC’s make admissions decisions”

Lisa Przekop
I introduce the topic, How UC’s make decisions. Lisa talks about how self-reporting your grades works. Lisa goes in some depth explaining what the Personal Insight Questions are and what they reveal about each student. She also gives students some tips for completing this PIQs. Lisa debunks the myth that UC’s only factor 10th and 11th grade into their decisions. Lisa talks about how to decrease your chances of having your acceptance rescinded. Lisa shares the rationale for not requiring teacher recs in the UC application. Lisa tells us how in-state admissions differs from out of state admissions. Lisa explains what ELC is and she shares how ELC impacts admissions decisions at the UC’s. Lisa talks about whether the major you express interest in impacts admissions decisions. Next we talk about activities and how they influence admissions decisions, Lisa talks about the Generalist vs the Specialist. Lisa talks about how being test-optional will impact decisions. Next she defines what it means for admissions at UCSB to be an additive process. (35:26)

You can also listen on Episode 134 and Episode 135

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