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YCBK 195: The Olympics explains Admissions-Part 1

Interview 79: Michael Fong on “The Student Manager podcast”

Michael Fong

Michael Fong is a lifelong California resident with a passion for colleges. Mark interviews Michael to learn how is helping people understand the culture of colleges by talking to students.

  • Michael Fong gives his backstory, including the creative approach he took to win a scholarship to college
  • Michael tells us about the format of his, “The Student Manager podcast
  • Michael talks about what type of students he chooses to interview on his podcast
  • Michael answers the question, how does he prevent a student who comes on his podcast from giving a biased perspective that would be unfair to the schools he is featuring.
  • Michael tells us how a student or parent can search through the episodes that Michael has to see which colleges he is featuring on each episode, so they can listen to a podcast about a specific college or university that is of interest to them.
  • Michael shares insights from the over 100 college campuses that he has visited
  • Michael goes on the hot seat and he is entertaining

You can also listen on Episode 194 and Episode 195

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