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YCBK 284: Gus Resendiz, Avoiding the potholes in athletic recruiting [Transcript]

YCBK 284: Gus Resendiz, Avoiding the potholes in athletic recruiting

In this week’s episode you will hear

Introduction : Mark shares 10 Higher Ed Updates. Mark interviews Gus Resendiz of Massachusetts, “Avoiding the pot holes in athletic recruiting”

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  • Gus gives his backstory, including his time in college, his time in law school and his time as an attorney
  • Gus explains how all three of his kids went through the athletic recruitment process
  • Gus describes how scholarships work, and he says what a “head count” sport is
  • Gus explains what stacking is and Mark and Gus talk about how frequently this happens
  • Gus and Mark discuss over-recruiting
  • Mark and Gus discuss the “D-1 or bust mindset”

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