YCBK 335: Admission Offices, Cautiously Start Using AI [Transcript]
YCBK 337: Rising rents adds to college students’ scramble for affordable housing

YCBK 336: How does a poor 9th grade impact college admissions?

Introduction :

  • Mark is joined by YCBK co-host Julia Esquivel to discuss the question, how much weight do colleges place on 11th and 12th grade vs 10th grade vs 9th grade when making admission decisions?
  • Mark discusses the new YCBK updated website: yourcollegeboundkid.com
  • Lisa interview Elliot Felix about his book, “How to Get the Most out of College” Part 2 of 2

Preview Part 2 :

  • Elliot talks about the perfect flywheel that lets student maximize the value of college
  • Elliot shares his view on internships, and he shares Gallup research on internships
  • Elliot talks about the value of the alumni office
  • Elliot talks about what colleges can do to remove barriers and make it easier for students to excel while in college


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