YCBK 347: Let’s Smash the College Admissions Process [Transcript]
YCBK 349: Admissions Data Suggests Being Very Rich is its Own Qualification

YCBK 348: Should a student submit the college’s own application to show interest

Introduction :

  • Mark and Lisa answer a question from Melissa from Massachusetts about whether it is worth it to submit the college’s own application as a way of signaling interest to them.
  • Lisa interviews, Dr. Jenni Griffin, the Dean of APEX at the College of Wooster, Part 2 of 3

Preview of Part 2-this week:

  • Dr. Griffin explains what the APEX fellows program is
  • Lisa asks Dr. Griffin how families can evaluate whether a school offers the type of services that APEX offers
  • Jenni talks about how important it is to learn how to study
  • Jenni talks about the two questions we need to stop asking students but adults and students continue to keep asking students
  • Jenni talks about how decision fatigue and how it can be paralyzing

Preview of Part 1-Aired on Episode 346 on 7/24:

  • Jenni gives her education and her career background
  • Dean of Apex-Advising, Planning and Experiential Learning which overseas six offices: Academic resource center, Global Engagement, Career Planning, Experiential learning and Community Engagement Entrepreneurship Center and the Registrars office
  • Jenni talks about how it was intentional to bring together these six major departments and locate them in one place so they could coordinate their support amongst all of the departments
  • Jenni talks about the most difficult group for Apex to reach and she explains why this group is hard for Apex to reach
  • Jenni talks about a creative way they have used to get 200 students to complete resumes
  • Jenni talks about why there is no stigma for students to visit APEX


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