YCBK 351: Admissions Data Suggests Being Very Rich is its Own Qualification-Part 2
YCBK 352: What you need to know about the new Digital SAT-Part 1 of 3 [Transcript]

YCBK 352: What you need to know about the new Digital SAT-Part 1 of 3

Introduction :

  • Lisa clarifies what she said about how UNC admits students in episode 351
  • Mark and Julia answer a question from Lea from Northern California about how knowing yield rates should impact student behavior; she also wants to know why U Chicago has such a high yield rate; she asks, “how do they do it”
  • Lynda interviews, Ben Neely of Revolution Prep, Understanding the new Digital SAT

Preview of Part 1 :

  • Ben gives his background starting in the 90’s as an SAT test instructor, the various rolls he has had in the test prep industry, all the way up to what he is doing now
  • Ben explains why the College Board went from a paper test to a Digital Test
  • Ben explains the differences between the paper and pencil SAT to the new computerized SAT
  • Ben explains the difference between question by question adaptive vs adaptive by section and he debunks some myths about adaptive tests
  • For the recommended resource, here is the link to hear the Raj Chetty webinar where he reveals his research on elite schools, affluence and social mobility: https://chettyaug2023.splashthat.com/


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